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Steve Gibson

Steve started Outlaw Tattoo in 2001, and has not looked back since. He digs black and gray, realistic tattoos such as portraits, pin-ups, and animals, as well as bio organic/mechanical.

Sydney Walker

Sydney has been tattooing for 5 years, after apprenticing under Steve. She enjoys doing a variety of styles, including fine linework, illustrative black and grey, American traditional, and realism.

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Kat Brassfield

Kat has been tattooing for 5 years and enjoys doing color neotraditional tattoos. Her goal as a tattooer is to provide a light and fun atmosphere for her clients while providing the best quality tattoos.

Alesha Hester

Alesha has been tattooing for 11 months now. Enjoys black and gray as well as color. Would love to do more ornamental and American/ Neo traditional styled tattoos. 

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Tory Scruggs

Tory has been tattooing since 2013. He does medium to large scale color, as well as black and grey. He enjoys realism, new school, and monsters.

Jaysen Richie

Jaysen specializes in illustrative black and grey, and American traditional. Most interested in dark imagery and pin ups. taking walk ins Wednesday-Saturday.

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Jesse Dawkins

Jesse began his start in 2012 after time away he is back with motivation and grind to grow. He loves new school, cartoons, and sticker style color tattoo’s. He is open for walk-ins or appointments.

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Montgomery Studio

430 Twain Curve
Montgomery, AL 36117

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Prattville Studio

1736 E. Main St
Prattville, AL 36066

Open Hours

Tue - Sat: 12pm - 8pm
Sun and Mon: Closed

Leg Tattoos


What You Need to Know

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is $100. Deposits on appointments are $100. Please note that we require cash for all deposits and services. Bring in any reference material you would like us to review while creating your piece (sketches, photos, print-outs, paintings, t-shirts, etc.) and we will file them with your deposit. Talk with your artist to determine specific pricing.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, our studios do handle walk-ins – everyday. You are welcome to come in without an appointment to get tattooed. However, if you want a specific artist or large scale work, an appointment may be necessary. Local Alabama clients from the greater Montgomery area can just stop by the studio and drop off deposits anytime.

Should I only book one appointment at a time?

NO! Please do not do that if you're getting large scale work. If you wait six months to book your next appointment, it might not be but once a year you actually get tattooed. When in doubt, book extra slots. Our clients have suffered in the past because they waited until each appointment day to book the next one. You are responsible for booking your own time; let us know how often you would like to be tattooed and we will make it happen. We would rather finish everything we start ASAP rather than have scheduling frustrations later. We love our clients and always feel bad telling them, "Sorry, he's booked he rest or the month".

What if I don't want to wait?

Please review the amazing work of both Outlaw studios. All the artists here are hand-picked. Check out their art and find a style you like. If you're looking for a cover-up, any one of our guys will be able to accommodate you. You can get tattooed in a more immediate fashion, more inexpensively, and the quality of work will not be compromised. We price tattoos either by the hour or by the piece, which ever applies. Large work will be done in sessions, so the client only pays for work done that day (no one will be expected to pay for an entire piece up front, just the individual session). This breaks it up for you as a client so that large work can be done without breaking your piggybank.

Do you do piercings?


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